Our Cardiac Department comprises of ECG, 2D ECHO Cardiogram & Exercise ECG to Provide Patients with full Cardiac Screening & Management. 

With well Qualified & Experienced Doctors & Technicians under the direct Supervision of the Consultant Cardiologist we have been able to provide quality service to our Patients suffering with heart problems. 


We are equipped with modern ECG machines to carry out Electrocardiogram Service 24 Hours a Day with well Trained & Caring Staff & also with absolute Comfort for Patients. 

ECHO Cardiogram

Our Latest 2D Echo Cardiogram unit is utilized by well known Consultant Cardiologist for accurate Screening of Structural and Functional Ultrasound Images of their Patients with absolute Comfort.  

Exercise ECG

Our team of Qualified & Experienced Doctors & Technicians, using latest a Treadmill, performs Exercise ECG to diagnose Induced arrhythmias & ischemic conditions of the Hear, in a pleasant environment.


For More Information,

                                                Tel :                        0112558800         Ext. 1735              for  ECG

                                                                                                         Ext. 1606              for  ECHO & Exercise ECG

                                                E-Mail :                 info@delmonhospital.com

                                                Location :             ECG – Ground  Floor, ECG Department

                                                                           ECHO & Exercise ECG – M  Floor, Cardiology Department

                                                Open Hours :        ECG - 24 Hours

                                                                          ECHO & Exercise ECG – Monday to Saturday   7.00am to 8.00pm

                                                                                                                             Sunday    7.00am to 3.00pm


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