Endoscopy is a medical procedure where a Doctor inserts a flexible fibro-optic tube-like instrument through the mouth in to the gastrointestinal tract to examine for diagnostic as well as therapeutic procedures. Unlike most other medical imaging devices, endoscopes are inserted directly into the gastrointestinal tract as a minimally invasive procedure.

We are Equipped with a Modern Technologically Advance Endoscope which is handled by highly skilled Nurses and well Experienced Medical Consultants to provide our patients with accurate diagnosis and treatment.

Our 24 Hour Open Endoscopy Unit carry outs following diagnostic and therapeutic procedures,

 ·         Endoscopy

 ·         Colonoscopy

 ·         Sigmoidoscopy


For More Information,

                                                 Tel :                    0112558800         Ext. 1102

                                                 E-Mail :                 info@delmonhospital.com

                                                 Location :             1st Floor, Endoscopy Department

                                                 Open Hours :         24 Hours

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